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Frustrated Short Sale Buyer Records Catchy Tune to Sway Bank

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Most hopeful buyers engaged in the soul-sucking short sale process would probably hit the shooting range or take up drinking, but not this guy--he fired up the autotune and recorded "The Short Sale Song (Wanna Live on Clifden Baby)." (A short sale, if you are lucky enough not to know, happens when a seller wants to sell for less than the amount left on the loan--the bank has to approve everything and the process usually drags on for months or sometimes years. They're not for the impatient.) Broker Craig Knizek writes that this musical buyer and his family found a short sale house they loved "in a coveted area where there are very few available homes for sale" and put together a solid offer package. Four months later ? "we still haven't heard anything from either the 1st trust deed holder, nor the 2nd lender. Meanwhile, the owner continues to not pay their mortgage, thus increasing the debt owed to both lenders."

What can you do but start baking, right? The buyers thought "that if they could somehow humanize the process, they could convince that customer service rep in the asset disposition department to move the file along. So they baked cookies, they submitted nice notes, and, when that didn't work, they wrote this song – entreating the lender to let them buy their dream home on CLIFDEN."

· Introducing The Short Sale Song ("Wanna Live On Clifden Baby") [The Agency]