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Head to North Hollywood For Mid-Range Rents, Vertical Blinds

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This month, broker/blogger Moses Kagan heads to North Hollywood for a little rent survey--he's particularly "curious about why people are paying such high prices to buy apartment buildings there." NoHo isn't quite the hotspot that previous rent survey subjects are (Echo Park, Silver Lake, Highland Park, Atwater Village, Los Feliz, Venice), but rents fall roughly within the same range (they're generally higher than in Highland Park, for instance, but definitely lower than in Silver Lake). Plus, almost every rental comes with parking, so there's that. And, unsurprisingly, the closer a unit is to the Hollywood Hills, the more money it rents for. Lastly, be prepared for vertical blinds. Here are the major finds:

-- Median rent for a studio was $822.50.
-- Median rent for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom was $1,110.
-- Median rent for a two-bedroom with one or one and a half bathrooms was $1,300.
-- Median for a two/bedroom/two-bathroom was $2,095
-- Median rent for a three-bedroom/two-bathroom was $2,200.
-- Median rent for a three-bedroom/three-bathroom was $2,681.50.
· North Hollywood Rent Survey – October 2012 [Moses Kagan on Real Estate]