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How and Where LA County Hate Crimed in 2011

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The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has released its annual report (pdf) on hate crime activity in LA County and the bad news is that, in 2011, people were still committing hate crimes. ("A hate crime is defined by California law as an incident that shows bias, hatred or prejudice based on the victim's race, religion, gender or sexual orientation," according to KPCC.) In fact, the number of hate crimes increased by 15 percent over 2010 (to 489), following three years of declining numbers. The most frequently-targeted people in LA County are African-Americans (who are victims in 60 percent of hate crimes), LGBT, Jews, and Latinos.

KPCC reports that "The most striking jumps were in crimes perpetrated by groups ? a third of reported hate crimes showed evidence of gang or white supremacist involvement." 21 percent of all hate crimes involved white supremacists; gang members were suspects in 12 percent of hate crimes.

The Valley has previously been the most hate crime-filled area in the county, but this year it pretty much tied with the Metro Region, which spans roughly from West Hollywood to Boyle Heights (see the second graphic for hate crimes by area). The West Region (roughly Malibu to Beverly Hills) had the lowest number of hate crimes. Adjusted for poulation, the Metro Region had the most hate crimes; the San Gabriel Valley and southeastern part of the county had the lowest.
· 2011 HATE CRIME REPORT (pdf) [LA County Commission on Human Relations]
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