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Behold: Hollywood Sign "O" and "L" Have Been Stripped Bare

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Our dear friend the Hollywood Sign is getting the most extensive refreshing it's had since it was installed in its current form in 1978 (the sign first went up in 1923, but was a mess by the seventies; Hugh Hefner led an effort to replace the original with a sturdier version). Right now, contractors are "completely stripping the current paint" and soon they'll pressure-wash, prime, and repaint--work started on October 2, but it's finally starting to look like something, with the first "O" and second "L" now completely naked (these photos were taken this afternoon). The Hollywood Sign Trust is splitting the cost with Sherwin-Williams, which is providing 275 gallons of exterior paint and 110 gallons of primer. Work is expected to take eight to 10 weeks.