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Moby on LA's "Shitshow" Arch, TJ's at Mid-Town Crossing?

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SANTA MONICA: Our favorite novice architecture critic Moby opened the AIA/LA Design Awards earlier this week with some very charming remarks about how he's jealous of architects, LA's "shitshow" (in a good way) architecture, and about faking interest in buying the Neutra/Hoag Triplex so he could get a look around. [Curbed Inbox]

MID-CITY: What's the latest neighborhood pining for a Trader Joe's? It's Mid-City! There's a petition going around begging for a TJ's at the Mid-Town Crossing retail development (home of the Lowe's and a lot of controversy): "Historically, the Trader Joe's organization has always opposed putting a store "south of Pico" in the city of Los Angeles - but a new plan has been floated recently, with the idea of bringing a Trader Joe's to the Crenshaw district (near Rodeo). That's fine – but what's wrong with Mid-City? There are vacant spaces at Mid-Town Crossing just waiting for development." [Curbed Inbox]