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HOA Bans Riverside's Famous Dancing Lights Halloween House

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The lights might be switched off this Halloween at the notorious "Party Rock" dancing lights house of Riverside--the meanies at the Euclid Management Homeowners Association have sent a letter to the whole neighborhood "outlining a new set of holiday rules that basically shut us down," homeowner Kevin Judd tells Aol Real Estate; "the new rules outlaw "extreme" holiday light displays across the entire neighborhood." Judd "spent five years conceptualizing and perfecting his light display and its complex programming," and 10 to 12 hours programming each minute of song to get the lights to synchronize with the music.

Judd's created loads of light shows, but his version of LMFAO's "Party Rock" (with jack o' lanterns singing) caught figurative fire last year--about 2,000 people a night were showing up to camp out in front of the house and watch the show: "By 6 p.m. each night, the streets were crowded, and latecomers would be forced to stand far back." Judd says a lot of neighbors actually liked the show and would sell parking or trinkets to visitors; Riverside's mayor even "offered to assist Judd in the streamlining of cleaning efforts, traffic control, porta-potties and police presence during the 2012 festivities." So Judd says he's actually thinking about saying "screw it" to the new rules and turning on the light show anyway.

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