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What It'll Take to Build a DTLA to Santa Ana Light Rail Line

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The Transit Coalition has an update in their latest newsletter on the proposed transit project that could connect Downtown LA to Santa Ana via busway, light rail, or a Japanese-style maglev. The so-called Orange Line (not to be confused with the Valley's popular busway) would run partially along the West Santa Ana Branch of the old Pacific Electric corridor and the Southern California Association of Governments, rather than Metro, is leading the analysis on the project since it spans the LA/OC County line. Transit planners are currently exploring the use of the old PE right-of-way south of the 105 near Lynwood; they'll present their findings to the SCAG transportation committee next week and will likely suggest looking closer at three options: not building anything, managing current transportation efforts better, and constructing light rail. The ROW north of the 105 (and the adjacent Green Line light rail) towards DTLA is not available for use anymore, so they're considering various routes on other ROWs through places like Vernon and Huntington Park. A SCAG rep says they'd need to build a new Green Line station to allow transfer between the two lines, and that the LA County part of the line would likely be built before the OC part. There is Measure R money for this project, and a light rail line would is expected to attract 80,000 daily riders, but such an option is extremely expensive and would cost around $3 billion. After the SCAG study, Metro and OC's transit authority will decide next year whether to green-light an environmental review of the project.
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