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Inside the Santa Monica Party House That Could Be Outlawed

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Oh, Santa Monica, you just party too hard. Following news of a potential party crackdown on Main Street, everyone's getting up in arms over the House of Rock, a designated party house on the fancy (and architecturally-rich) La Mesa Drive. Elaine Culotti bought a 10,000 square foot house on the street back in October 2010, and undertook "an ambitious redesign," reports the LA Times; now she's planning to list the house for upwards of $20 million, and to market the property, she and partner Greg Briles have been throwing massive house parties (benefitting charity, natch)--three so far, with five more on the calendar. The most recent had 350 attendees (apparently Christina Aguilera was debuting her new album); earlier events "clogged the street with catering trucks, Hummers and vans while spotlights illuminated the sky," according to a neighbor. So tonight the Santa Monica City Council will consider an emergency ordinance that "would prohibit residential property owners from hosting more than 150 people at one time for the purpose of selling a home." A lawyer for the owners say they'll sue if the ordinance is adopted. Update: As commenter BigBag points out, this house was built for Anchors Aweigh star Kathryn Grayson in 1926; it was designed by Beverly Hills Hotel architect Elmer Grey.
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