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Locals Want WeHo's Old Tower Records to Be a Music Museum

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A modest effort is afoot to turn the former Tower Records store on the Sunset Strip into a music museum, according to blogger Jerome Cleary. Writing in the West Hollywood Patch, Cleary--the author of Riot on Sunset Strip: Rock 'n' Roll's Last Stand in Hollywood--advocates for a museum that honors LA's history as a musical center and the Strip's prominence in pop culture history. "The history of Hollywood, and Los Angeles, is that of an international a recording center," with many studios "based on, or around Sunset Boulevard," he writes. Cleary recently hosted Domenic Piore, another Sunset historian, on his local TV show to talk about the need for a museum at the Tower Records site (now a clothes store, Tower shuttered in the early 2000s after opening in 1970). As a first step in getting the museum off the ground, Priore is asking the WeHo City Council to protect the former store; his historic preservation application should be heard next year. A developer tried for years to get a project off the ground at the Tower site but was tripped up by the incessant traffic and parking concerns; they've kept coming back with new iterations of the project--so expect all that to be an issue with any museum proposal.
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