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Here Are All of the LA Design Award Winners, AEG Wants You to Donate to Endeavour Pavilion

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SANTA MONICA: Last night at the Broad Stage, the LA chapter of the American Institute of Architects gave out its annual Design Awards. The show was a little spicier than normal, with an introduction from architecture enthusiast/DJ Moby and presenters including actor/playwright Richard Montoya and friends of Curbed/Design East of La Brea proprietors Marissa Gluck and Alissa Walker. Design Awards were given to 36 firms; Presidential Awards were given to 27 individuals (those winners are listed here). See all the Design winners in both the built (first group) and unbuilt categories above. [Curbed Staff]

EXPOSITION PARK: Huh. Tim Leiweke, CEO of AEG (developer of LA Live and the Farmers Field NFL stadium), wants you, rich person/corporation, to donate to the effort to build a pavilion for the space shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center. The CSC has already raised half of its $200 million goal (led by the Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oschin Family Foundation, for which the pavilion will be named)--it's completely unclear what Leiweke's connection is, but AEG has put out a press release quoting him as saying "The reality is that without the private sector stepping up to contribute both financially and in other ways, there is no way that Endeavor, a true national treasure, could come to Los Angeles and the California Science Center ... it is the responsibility of local organizations to invest in our City, invest in our children, invest in important institutions and be accountable for bringing these opportunities to our community." [Curbed Inbox]