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Buy the Mt. Wash House Where They Found Thousands of Maps

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Usually in a tale about buried treasure, someone follows a map to uncover a secret stash of valuables (see Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Goonies, et al). But here's a case where maps are the hidden treasure. After the tenant of a ramshackle Mt. Washington cottage passed away this year, real estate agent Matthew Greenberg was charged with emptying the 90 year old home of its contents so that it could be demolished and its 18,000 square foot lot divided into two parcels. As LA Times reporter Bob Pool explains, Greenberg had been instructed to rent a dumpster and throw away whatever he found inside, which turned out to be maps, maps, and more maps. Apparently, the deceased resident, a hospital dietician by the name of John Feathers, had been the ultimate Map Nerd, filling every free inch of the 948 square foot cottage with them, even going so far as to remove the electronic components of his stereo so he could use its hollowed-out box to stash more.

Rather than unceremoniously dumping Feathers' hoard, Greenberg invited the LA Central Library's map librarian, Glen Creason, to take a look. Deeming the find "unbelievable," Creason came back "with 10 library employees and volunteers to box up the maps. The acquisition will give the city library one of the country's top five library map archives, behind the Library of Congress and public libraries in New York, Philadelphia and Boston, he said."

With the maps off to a good home, now the property is up for grabs. Located next to the Self-Realization Fellowship headquarters, formerly the Mount Washington Hotel, it comes with a remnant of the funicular used by Mt. Washington Railways trolley cars from 1909 to 1919. Asking price is $450,000.
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