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NFL Really Wants Football in Dodger Stadium's Chavez Ravine

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Will the Downtown NFL stadium project ever have a non-dramatic moment? Now the NFL is saying it doubts the Farmers Field project (which also includes an LA Convention Center overhaul) will ever get built and that they're feeling very good about a new football stadium in Chavez Ravine, aka the home of Dodger Stadium. CBS Sports reports on an update from the NFL's Los Angeles committee--first the bad news, "the NFL essentially ruled out a move for next season," so no matter what, LA won't get a team until at least 2014. Now the crazy news: One highly-connected source maintained that Dodger Stadium has been and still is 'the preferred choice' of all the current [Los Angeles football stadium] options." This isn't the first time the idea's been floated, but it's probably a little surprising to all those city officials who have been pushing the hell out of the Downtown project.

Farmers Field developer AEG is up for sale and apparently the league is skeptical that whoever buys it "would be willing to pour massive amounts of money into the downtown project, as the current deal for prospective funding required AEG to do" and furthermore "there remain significant issues regarding parking and infrastructure in this area" (the project includes several parking structures, plus upgrades to the 101 and the nearby Metro station). Chavez Ravine, on the other hand, has "abundant" parking and space (largely owned by disastrous former Dodgers own Frank McCourt) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "called it 'a terrific site' and seemed enthused about the possibility."

The NFL is also still keeping an eye on the plans in Industry and Carson.
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