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notNeutral's City Plates Released for Hollywood and Palm Springs

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It's beginning to look a lot like... blah, blah. For the map nerd in your life, Christmas has come early. As part of local furniture/product design company notNeutral's collection of city plates, they have finally released a plate for Hollywood and Palm Springs as part of the 6th in their series of City Plates. We're proud owners of the New Orleans and Brasilia plates, so these will be a nice addition to our collection.

Via the presser: "This plate illustrates the idiosyncrasies of the region where all things aspirational and gaudy, natural and artificial, converge. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is highlighted with a red dashed line, and to the east is a green dashed outline over a portion of the 101 Freeway, indicating the future site of the Hollywood Central Park."

"The Palm Springs plate highlights the Modernist architecture in the community and celebrates the life of leisure the city embodies. Nestled up against the dramatic San Jacinto mountains the cityscape is distinctive for its collection of notable historic architecture as well as the remarkable quantity of pools which are noted on the plate in blue."

Other plates in the collection include Boston and San Francisco.The plates are retailing for $50 each via the notNeutral online store or at one of their stores.