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Here's Culver City's New 94 Foot Tall Rainbow

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Images provided by Sony Pictures Entertainment Culver City has seen West Hollywood's adorable little rainbow crosswalks, and has upped the ante in the rainbowification war. Yesterday, the big rainbow art piece on the Sony lot in Culver City was unveiled to oohs and ahhs (see construction photos here). Even in person the thing doesn't look real--the bright primary colors make the rainbow look like a giant cartoon. Via the presser: "For the concept of "Rainbow," [artist Tony Tasset] was inspired by multiple factors including rainbows as a symbol for imagination and optimism. The work references The Wizard of Oz film, which was shot on the former MGM lot (now Sony Pictures Studios) in Culver City in the late 1930s." The rainbow is visible from the entrance of the Sony lot on Madison Avenue, or to see it up close you can sign up for one of the Sony Studios tours.
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