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See the Little Zoning Code-Exploiting Skyscraper of Pasadena

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Perhaps you have noticed a very short but towering tower on your travels between the Gap and the J. Crew in Old Town Pasadena? This is "Small Skyscraper (Quasi Legal Skyscraper)" by artist Chris Burden with architecture firm Taalman Koch. It's appearing for a short time at One Colorado, courtesy Armory Center for the Arts. The sculpture was inspired by a (now-closed) Los Angeles city zoning code loophole under which out buildings under 400 square feet and less than 35 feet high could be built without a permit (Burden, who created LACMA's iconic "Urban Light," had been trying to build a studio on his Topanga property.). "Small Skyscraper" fits those specifications exactly; it's made of prefabricated interlocking Bosch aluminum and lumber laid to form the floors for four stacked rooms. Burden describes it as a "modern-day log cabin." The piece will be in place until November 11, or just check out some photos above.
· Chris Burden's Zoning Code-Exploiting "Small Skyscraper" Will Be Erected in Pas's One Colorado [Curbed LA]