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Private DTLA Club Ditches Staid Grand For Hip Flower

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In a sign of the shifting energy in Downtown, a private business club is abandoning their quarter-century-held space at Grand and Third and moving into new digs at Sixth and Flower, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal (sub. req.). The City Club at Bunker Hill secret society businesspersons club (yes, women are granted entry), will need to come up with a new name after they move into their renovated 27,000 square foot home at the top of the Financial District's City National Plaza (home to many bigwigs, including architecture firm AECOM). Their former base was in the Wells Fargo Center, which has seen many businesses leave, possibly because the owner, MPG Office Trust Inc., is having financial difficulties. But it may be an issue of location, as a rep says they want to be nearer the heart of DTLA: "It's closer to where more of our members are working today and we're getting closer to LA Live and that side of town." The Dallas-based owners of the club are spending $8.5 million on the space, adding new offices, a huge banquet hall, and a fresh design. The City Club is one of three fancy private Downtown social clubs (the other two are the Jonathan and the California, in case you're not fancy enough to know); it was founded "in part as a response to exclusionary practices of the other clubs." It's not sure what its name will be now that it's moving out of Bunker Hill.
· City Club to Break With Bunker Hill Mentality [LABJ]