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Why Has LA Been So Hot For So Long and When Will It End?

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Ok, Wednesday. Now they're saying Wednesday is the day when it will finally stop being a million degrees and humid and awful all the time. There's always a fall heatwave in LA, and the warm nights can be nice, sure, but this has been getting ridiculous--it's been two months of East Coastily uncomfortable heat now. WHY?? The LA Times explains that it's an evil alliance of the oceanic humidity and the searing desert heat: "in the last two months, L.A. has been in the throes of a high-pressure system. That has conspired with a low-pressure system just offshore to bring hot and muggy weather ... 'You have the high-pressure system, where the air is circulating clockwise, and the low-pressure system, where it's turning counterclockwise," [JPL climatologist Bill] Patzert said. 'So not only is it bringing us the warm air from the high desert, but the moist air from the Gulf of California and the Pacific.'" And it feels so especially bad because the last three years have had particularly cool summers and falls, plus "Until August, every month in 2012 except for January had been cooler than normal." August was two degrees hotter than normal; September was three degrees hotter. Thing should start heading more toward bearable starting Wednesday, but then don't forget it's now October: Santa Ana season.
· After weeks of heat, a break in L.A.'s hot weather is near [LAT]