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And Now Los Angeles Has Just Un-Banned Pot Shops

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Resume packing your bowls like nothing's happened; after less than a month in non-effect, the LA City Council has just voted to repeal its total ban on pot shops. The Council passed the ban in late July and it was supposed to go into effect on September 6, but opponents gathered enough signatures (and then some) to get it on the March ballot, which meant it had to be put on hold until then. (The ban did allow prescription-holders to grow their own or get it from a general practitioner, but neither of those routes is exactly easy.) The LA Times reports that "Council members say they are hoping that a new federal crackdown on L.A. dispensaries may accomplish what they hoped to achieve with their ban ... [it] began last week with raids on several dispensaries. Dozens of other pot shops were sent letters, ordering them to close." The city may also use land use laws to shut down non-compliant shops. In early September, a UCLA researcher released a very thorough study showing there are only 472 marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, as opposed to the "close to 1,000" number that's often thrown around. And once again there is no city law governing any of them.
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