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Brentwood's the bw Rises, Party at Buster Keaton's Old Digs

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BRENTWOOD: Only nine short months ago, the bw mixed-user was just a pit at Barrington and Wilshire--now it's well on its way to 78 units on six floors, with retail at the bottom and a zen garden up top. Developer Landmark may just make good on their promise to open the shrunken apartment project by next summer. [Curbed Staff]

BEVERLY HILLS: The Los Angeles Conservancy is hosting its 2012 benefit on Saturday at the former home of Buster Keaton. The 10,000 square foot Mediterranean was built for the silent star in 1926 and eventually also housed Marlene Dietrich, Cary Grant, and James Mason. After falling into disrepair in the nineties, it was snapped up by preservation-minded buyers who restored the beaut. If helping the Conservancy isn't enough reason to spend $300 on a ticket, there'll be another architect-loving Keaton there to mingle with (Diane, of course). Info here. [Curbed Inbox]