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Here's the Fancy New Penthouse at Koreatown's Solair

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We don't quite know what to make of this rather tone deaf press release: "With the rise of the cultural-elite, where being 'in the know' gains status and access, the wealthy are finding a new lease on luxury by seeking unique, one of a kind experiences that reflect individuality. No where is this more apparent than in the interior design of their homes where high net worth clients are seeking the unknown, or the interesting and the unusual to tell stories of their unique life experiences." Ok, whatever, the point is it comes with lots of photographs of this newly-unveiled penthouse in Koreatown's Solair, with interior design by Susan Manrao--the twenty-third-floor unit is 3,500 square feet and includes "what is rumored to be the highest and largest private outdoor residential space in Los Angeles" (the terrace is 1,200 square feet). The unit now has all kinds of unique and individual and luxuuuurious furnishings, Miele appliances and tubs, plus a screening room that "takes a cue from hotel design with irreverent style that exudes individuality and is the polar opposite of the typical dark screening dens of Hollywood." Penthouses range from $1.845 million to $1.945 million. According to a press release, Solair has sold off 80 units in the past year.
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