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Free Weed Makes Neighborhood Council Elections Interesting

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The Eagle Rock Patch reports that 792 people voted in elections for the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council this year, "nearly 10 times as many voters compared to the previous elections in 2010." Why would so many suddenly turn out to vote for an advisory body with limited to nonexistent legislative power? Just a guess, but it probably had something to do with fliers offering $40 of free medical grade marijuana for those voting for the "Progress and Collaboration Slate" (see to the side). That slate ran against the neighborhood council's opposition to pot dispensaries, which, at least in part, contributed to the city's recent law banning the shops throughout the city (a law that was almost immediately put on hold when citizens gathered enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot). The Progress and Collaboration Slate denied any connection to the weed sweepstakes; pot dispensary Third and Rampart donated the pot.

Turns out it didn't even make a difference, though. A member of the Eagle Rock Neighbors Slate was elected president and six of the Progress and Collaboration candidates lost. Two won--one will be a Civic Director and another will be a Sub-District 1 Director, whatever those things mean.

But this saga has yet to conclude. One candidate on the Progress and Collaboration Slate has now filed formal complaints challenging the election. His complaint targets neighborhood council members for repeatedly slandering the Progress and Collaboration Slate.
Image via Eagle Rock Patch
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