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Developer Can't Keep Hikers Off Killer Franklin Canyon Trail

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Images via Save Franklin Canyon

Franklin Canyon's Hastain Trail will stay hikeable (killer views of the basin at the summit)--a judge has ruled that developer Mohamed Hadid must not interfere with its "public recreational use." This all stems from the Save Franklin Canyon case: Hadid and his company bought about 45 acres in the early aughts with the intent to build a few mansions (the land is a bit west of Coldwater Canyon and close to the gated and crazy over-the-top Beverly Park neighborhood). Neighbors were not so psyched. Most of Hastain Trail's one and a half miles is on public land, but about a third runs through Hadid's property, according to Beverly Hills Patch--several hikers brought a lawsuit arguing that the whole thing should be considered a public easement. They won out and now a preliminary judgment says that Hadid has to keep the trail open to the public and to "remove all fencing and equipment from the trail." Hadid's lawyers say the hikers just want to stop the mansion development. Hadid is known for his bananas gilded megamansions, but it's not clear what his plans for Franklin Canyon are or were.
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