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Here's a 144 Square Foot Model of DTLA Built For Streetcars

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Larry Kmetz is a 70 year old Idahoan who grew up in Skid Row in the fifties--he loved the place so much he's created a 144 square foot somewhat impressionistic model of parts of Downtown and San Pedro "scaled to fit his electric powered streetcars." KCET reports on "LA Creation," composed of "fragments of location, a recollection of the city based in childhood memories of exploring the city by light rail." Kmetz made his model from kits, scratch, and "found objects, like coffee cans, to make the water towers"--he based it on photos and some amazingly detailed recollections of the city he grew up in: "On Broadway and 8th, if I looked east, there was an old looking building from the 1930s, on top was a steel sign with lighting in it. On 7th and Broadway, still looking east, you can see the gasholders ... From 6th and Broadway, you can see eight smoke stacks, then the street shifted, the stacks looked higher from 5th and Broadway; factories with waters towers, the whole industrial look." And while a lot of people feel like the fifties ended in November 1963, for Kmetz it was as early as March that year: "It was really a sad day when Los Angeles transit merged into buses."