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New Bridge For Baldwin Hills, Hollywood Sign Gates Get Locked

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BALDWIN HILLS: The Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area gets a fancy new bridge next week--the Baldwin Hills Gateway has rails designed by local sculptor Cliff Garten and marks "the entry into the Baldwin Hills Parklands, the last two-square miles of open spaces in the Los Angeles basin." The eight foot high screens on each side of the bridge are "perforated with a pattern inspired by Garten's idea of surveying the 1,200 acres of open space at its smallest and largest scales" and will throw some "unique shadows" onto the bridge. The whole area will be getting a huge Mia Lehrer + Associates-designed makeover over the next three decades. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: It's going to get a little harder to sneak up to the Hollywood Sign, according to the newsletter of the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association. (There are Hollywood Sign Viewing Spot Wars raging as neighbors attempt to keep hordes of tourists out of the 'hood.) Beginning last week, the gate to the parking lot at the top of Beachwood Drive has been locked starting at sunset; before it was left unlocked "and the park entrance was technically not closed until 10:30 PM." Over at troublesome Deronda Drive, which leads to the fire access road to Mount Lee, the missing door to the pedestrian gate will replace and also locked at sunset. [Curbed Inbox]