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Here Are Architecture Firm Morphosis's New Culver City Digs

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Morphosis (and principal Thom Mayne) is one of the most interesting architecture firms in town these days, so of course we've been dying to get a look around their new Culver City offices--the firm ditched Santa Monica last year for a new Expo Line-adjacent property. The Architect's Newspaper checks it out and informs us that this is actually "the largest net-zero energy building in Los Angeles." The office has a 2,800 square foot photovoltaic array to catch solar energy, four super-high-tech rooftop windcatchers, solid east and south facades to minimize heat gain, and "a series of acrylic and galvanized steel shades ? to create a pleasant outdoor gathering space for employees." ("The shades, which jut dramatically from the building's core, also serve as testing zone for future projects, and are currently fitted with mock-ups of the panels from Morphosis' Emerson College building in Hollywood, currently in development." More on that Emerson project here.) There is an "ultra-efficient air conditioning system," but so far the firm hasn't had much use for it.