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Space Shuttle Endeavour's Journey Through LA, By the Numbers

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All except first four photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The retired space shuttle Endeavour has finally made it--from Kennedy Space Center in Florida across the skies of Southern California to LAX and across the streets of Los Angeles and Inglewood to arrive, finally, in a hangar at the California Science Center (well, it's not quite there yet; the hangar is only temporary while the CSC works on building a permanent home in which the shuttle will displayed vertically). That last stretch on the roads took a little longer than expected (it was supposed to be about 43 hours), but that gave everyone plenty of opportunity to get out on the sidewalks, stand in the shadow of the enormous shuttle, think "That thing was in space!", and get yelled at by police. All in all, another great entry in Los Angeles's recent series of good time road closures. Here, by the numbers, is how it all went down:

Time spent in transit: about 59 hours
Miles traveled: about 12
Arrests: 0
Medical service requests: 64 (mostly heat-related)
Trees cut down to make room for Endeavour's 78-foot wingspan: about 400
Traffic signals taken down: 223
Power lines and utility wires raised: more than 100
Clearance between Endeavour and some of the buildings it moved past: "the thickness of a credit card"
Weight of the space shuttle: 292,000 pounds
Tow capacity of the truck that hauled it across the 405: 10,100 pounds
Police officers involved in the move: more than 1,000
Firefighters involved: more than 200
Budget for the move: more than $10 million
Spectators in the final stretch: several thousand

Endeavour opens to the public on October 30.
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California Science Center

700 Exposition Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90037