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West LA Car Dealership Plans Transit-Oriented Mixed-User

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Yeah, you heard that right. The Martin family has operated a GM dealership at Olympic and Bundy for the past 40 years and now they want to build a "new community gathering spot" for the Expo Line light rail, which will open a station across the street from them in a few years. Called Martin Expo Town Center, the mixed-use development--residential, retail, and office--would still include the car dealership, serving as the Westside sales center for GM's CODA electric cars. Martin representatives recently shared preliminary thoughts on the development with the West LA Neighborhood Council's Planning and Land Use Management committee; the family is asking for input from locals as more specifics come together. While it seems crazy that a business selling cars wants to develop a project that discourages driving, it's less surprising when you hear that family members served as governors and national transportation secretaries, according to a video on the project's website. "[The development] offers the ability for people to reduce their need to be in an automobile," Dana Martin says in the video. "For people to live here and work here without getting into a car is a great concept."

· Martin Expo Town Center [Official Site]