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Kristen Stewart Buys House Near Robert Pattinson's in Los Feliz

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Are they? Aren't they? Is it a spectacular coincidence that their movie is coming out soon? These are the questions the world (gossip rags) are asking themselves about Twilight stars/sexy young people Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (They were spotted at Ye Rustic! What does it mean?). Meanwhile, ever-on-top-of-it Real Estalker has noticed that Stewart appears to have bought a rather "eh" house in Los Feliz's Laughlin Park, just a mile and a half from RPattz's place. RE calls the four-bedroom, four and a half-bathroom "a questionable but not completely unsuccessful architectural potpourri of southwestern and contemporary styles"; it also has a pool, a long veranda, two fireplaces, a firepit, a fountain, and a yard. According to Redfin, it was most recently asking $2.195 million, which is exactly what Stewart paid for it.
· Kristen Stewart Gets a Home of Her Own [Real Estalker]