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Now Building in Koreatown, Mid-City West, and Skid Row

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This weekend we're looking at three projects currently in various phases of construction/demolition around LA.

1. Angel's Dream Castle, 345 Gramercy Pl, Koreatown. The 46-unit apartment building from architects Grace Partnership is all framed up, and although the sign on-site says it is opening in 2012, we're guessing this one will be closer to Spring 2013. The otherwise uninspiring design, typical of local infill development, only catches our eye due to the building's wonderful name which creates images of ponies and princesses. Let's hope they throw some turrets and pink paint on this one.

2. 4th and La Brea, former La Brea Chrysler Jeep Dealership Mid-City West. The former car dealership spanning one long side of La Brea Boulevard between 4th and 6th Street has been completely demolished and now it appears that the lot is being graded for some sort of development. Last night we had an in-person "Ask Curbed" that sent us digging through the City web sites today to see what was being built there. So via the Building & Safety web site we get a hint of what's being developed: "Construct 1-level retail below roof top parking deck. Nursery area (43'x73') only allow for nursery, flower or plant." if you have more details please email us.

3. Star Apartments, 6th and Maple, Downtown-Skid Row. The Skid Row Housing Trust is behind this four-story mixed use development in the middle of Skid Row. Designed by architect Michael Maltzan, the project has received a lot of positive attention (here, here, and here). Via the Trust News: "The project, which is currently in predevelopment, is designed with retail and parking on the ground floor, social service offices and open space for the residents on the second floor, and residential units above. The building will provide homes for homeless men and women and low-income individuals at a range of incomes."

Star Apartments

240 E. Sixth St., Los Angeles, CA