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Grand Park Part IV Opens, Endeavour's Slow Roll

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LA Conservancy event at Buster Keaton Estate by Elizabeth Daniels Photography

This Week's Top Stories: The Space Shuttle Endeavour is floating through the streets of LA and Inglewood, so be sure to go look at it using our helpful guide. Things are getting really real now as renderings of the Purple Line station at Fairfax and Wilshire have been created and posted on the internet. Downtown gets its first big box in a small box retail outpost, as CityTarget opens at 7th & Fig FIGat7th. In the olden days, civil defense sirens let Angelenos know that imminent death was minutes away - let's remember the good old days! Downtown's Grand Park's fourth and final installment opened up this week and it includes a big lawn and a dog run. Curbed goes inside Joel Silver's Venice Post Office that he's converting to offices for Silver Pictures. A picturesque penthouse unit at the Rowan Lofts in the Old Bank District in Downtown LA has popped up on the market for a reasonable $650k. Curbed visits Buster Keaton's (and a long list of other Hollywood names) former home in Beverly Hills, snaps some pics and enjoys a magical night as part of an LA Conservancy benefit.