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Ultimate Guide to Seeing Endeavour in the Streets of LA

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The space shuttle Endeavour is off and moving through the streets of Los Angeles, on its way to its final home at the California Science Center. (It'll debut to the public there on October 30 "in a pavilion while continuing fundraising and planning efforts for a new addition," according to the Daily Breeze.) Down below, a complete guide to how to check it out on its journey--many sidewalks will be closed and viewing won't be an easy thing like it was when LACMA's giant boulder rolled into town. But first, a little on that transport: it's controlled via joystick (best video game ever) at top speeds of 2 miles per hour, and it's going to move through some spots that are actually narrower than its 78-foot wingspan, according to CBS News: "that's managed by turning the transporter into a diagonal position. The transporters' wheels move in all directions, and operators can turn on a dime." Traffic signals along the route will be taken down and replaced "hopefully within an hour after the shuttle passes by" and power lines are being raised. The transporter and shuttle together weigh about 375,000 pounds, so LADOT put down about 2,700 metal plates on the roads for protection. And it's got an entourage of "perators, the Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT team, bomb squad and utility crews."

Right now: As of early this morning, Endeavour is waiting for about nine hours at the Drollinger parking lot at La Tijera Boulevard and Sepulveda Westway: "This is not a publicized public viewing area and no events are planned but large crowds are anticipated."

October 12, around 1 pm: The shuttle will head east on Manchester, "passing into Inglewood at Glasgow Avenue," where it will stop again for power line work, according to KTLA. Here Endeavour will be taken off its transporter and moved onto "the dolly system that will tow it over the 405 Freeway."

October 12, around 10 pm: Endeavour will start its journey across the 405 Freeway. Once it crosses, it'll be moved back onto the transporter.

October 13, 8 am: The shuttle will pass by Inglewood City Hall at 1 Manchester Boulevard. It won't stop, but this is a good place to catch a glimpse.

October 13, 8 am to 10 am: Inglewood will be holding a half-hour event at The Forum where Endeavour will be on display. There's "ample free parking at the Hollywood Park Race Track," according to the LAPD. Parking opened at 4 this morning. More: "The Inglewood High School band and students from A-MAN Inc., will meet the space shuttle at the Vons at Manchester and Hillcrest and lead it to the Forum, where a number of dignitaries will make remarks."

October 13, sometime between 10 am and 2 pm: Endeavour will execute its "trickiest maneuver" at Crenshaw Drive according to the LA Times: "where the shuttle will come within inches of buildings on either side of the street. To give Endeavour as much room as possible, the advance crews will lay down a compacted base of material that will level the street so it is the same height as the sidewalk. Essentially, the streets will be elevated by a few inches."

October 13, around 2 pm: Endeavour will stop for about half an hour at Crenshaw Boulevard and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. There'll be "a dedicated area for the public to stand and view the stage, north on Crenshaw Blvd. from MLK. Space is limited so come early."

October 13, around 8:30 pm: Endeavour should roll into the California Science Center by 9 pm: "Four parking lots between Bill Robertson Lane and Vermont Ave., north of MLK will provide ample opportunity to view Endeavour as it moves towards the California Science Center's Samuel Oschin Pavilion. Mass transit is recommended and available via the Expo Rail and bus line running along Exposition Blvd."

And lastly, a warning from the LAPD: "Members of the public interested in viewing Endeavour from the city sidewalks and intersections should expect large crowds and heavy traffic. We urge the public to arrive early, be prepared to stand long hours, and remember to bring water, snacks, sun block, hats, and chairs. In addition, spectators traveling from distant communities are reminded to please be respectful of private property."
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