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Watch Space Shuttle Endeavour Crossing Sepulveda Boulevard

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In the very small hours of this morning, the space shuttle Endeavour headed out of LAX and onto the streets of Los Angeles for its final trip--it'll travel 12 miles over two days and arrive tomorrow evening at the California Science Center, where it will live out its life as a museum exhibit. Endeavour took off on a special transporter around 2:30 this morning at a speed of about 2 miles per hour; it's 78-feet across and nearly five stories high, so the trip has taken a lot of careful planning (and tree removal), and sidewalks will largely be closed along the route. As of right now, the shuttle is taking a leisurely nine-hour break at the Drollinger parking lot at La Tijera Boulevard and Sepulveda Eastway. The Daily Breeze reports that "Here, crews will pull apart the axels on the mobile transporter carrying the shuttle so they will have the width to pass over median strips." According to a release from the LAPD, "This is not a publicized public viewing area and no events are planned but large crowds are anticipated," so we're not telling you to go there. Don't go there if you want to see the shuttle. Or, just watch video of Endeavour crossing Sepulveda down below:

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