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Juicing With Wasteland, Designed in LA, LA Fashion Week is Here

LARCHMONT: Over a juice at Cafe Gratitude, Racked writer Catherine Wright chatted with Donna Lisa, the marketing manager of go-to LA shop Wasteland. Lisa's job description includes developing collaborations and handling social media accounts; Wright asked her all sorts of questions, including her favorite trend ('90s-inspired overalls) and the outfit she wants to be buried in (a black vintage lace dress and a black motorcycle jacket).

DOWNTOWN: In an effort to promote and grow Los Angeles's fashion industry, the mayor is spearheading a new initiative called Designed/Made in Los Angeles. Via an online poll, locals can choose from 21 options for a logo to represent LA designs, which will be incorporated on hang tags and product labels. The voting ends today.

DOWNTOWN: LA Fashion Week is in full swing. Click over to Racked for show reviews, party color and more fashion-y details.
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