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Grand Park-Adjacent Feral Cat Property Could Become a Park

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Here is yet another derelict lot at First and Broadway to keep an eye on, if you're bored by that one that's waiting for a federal courthouse--a site known as "the graffiti pit" could finally become a new neighborhood park, reports the Downtown News. The site currently "contains the remnants of an office building razed after an earthquake 41 years ago" along with a community of feral cats. Finally right now the state is cleaning up the parcel, and they intend to sell it off to raise some revenue; meanwhile, both the city and county are sniffing around. A rep for the county says they'd incorporate the site into the newly-opened Grand Park, for even more grandness. The county could also potentially build "a replacement for the aged County Hall of Administration" on the site and expand the Grand Park onto the current Hall of Admin site. The city would also like to make the land into a park if it got its hands on the land, but there aren't any details on that yet.
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