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Behold: Conceptual Designs For Purple Line Subway Extension

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Metro held an update yesterday evening on the Purple Line subway extension that's barreling towards construction. The best news is the renderings--the sweet, sweet renderings--courtesy of The Source. As the site's Steve Hymon points out, these are still conceptual and subject to change--some of the subway entrances may be built into existing high-rises, for instance. Also keep in mind that the Fairfax station may have an extra entrance on the north side of Wilshire, should LACMA agree to pay for it. A groundbreaking for the extension's first section--3.9 miles from Western to La Cienega--is scheduled for 2014, with this year and next devoted to pre-construction activities like building a 75-foot deep exploratory shaft near Wilshire and Fairfax ("The shaft will help Metro learn more about gas conditions and earth pressure in the area. Fossils will be turned over to the George C. Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits."). An opening to La Cienega is expected in 2023, but the whole line to Westwood, specifically the VA Hospital, could open at that time if Measure J passes, allowing an extension of the Measure R transportation tax and advancing millions for the project.
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