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Map Shows Exactly Where LA's Greenhouse Gases Come From

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The Hestia Project has created software "to make greenhouse gas emissions something we can actually see," mapping "emissions at the street and neighborhood level, painting a rich picture of a city's greenhouse gas metabolism," reports Smithsonian mag. The Arizona State University-based research project starts with Indianapolis and is now working on Los Angeles, producing these maps of specific airports, buildings, and freeways and their greenhouse gas emissions (green represents the lowest amount of emissions, red is for the highest; as you can see, the freeways are a handsome but dangerous bright pink). The project also "includes videos that show the fluctuations in a city's emissions as energy use changes over the course of a business day, and compare emissions between summer and winter." Part of the goal is to help "policymakers and engineers in figuring out where emissions can be most efficiently reduced."
· New Technology Maps Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the Street and Neighborhood Level [Smithsonian Magazine]