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Reinvented Warehouse in SaMo, Chinatown Walmart Staffs Up

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SANTA MONICA: Ah, the architects are hard at work remaking offices all over town--this one for an animation house in SaMo's Industrial Corridor is by Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio. The project reinvents a 1940s "bowstring truss and brick warehouse"--according to a release, "The centerpiece is the 'Cube' which houses a screening room, two editing rooms and a central IT/Server room for the entire office. Designed with a small black band that secures the foundation of the room, the office appears to float within the space." There's also a pretty fun video of the makeover. [Curbed Inbox]

CHINATOWN: Looks like Walmart is barreling ahead with plans to open in Chinatown despite a lawsuit--they're now opening a hiring center at Hill and Alpine in an attempt to fill 65 "associate" positions. The store doesn't open until early next year, but you gotta get a jump on that staffing(/media opportunity). [Curbed Inbox]