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How to Sneak Onto the 405 to Skateboard and Other Scenes From Carmageddon II

Good morning, how was your Carmageddon II everyone? Relaxing? Local? Skateboardy? Once again, the weekend-long, 10-mile shutdown of the 405 Freeway was more or less a non-event, although traffic wasn't quite as breezy in other parts of town as it was last year (when warnings were especially extra-terrifying). The old Mulholland Bridge over the freeway is now completely gone; it's being rebuilt as part of the 405 widening project that will add a pretty useless carpool lane (the biggest action came Saturday when a chunk of bridge fell; work had to stop for about an hour). Caltrans also took the opportunity "to complete seven weeks' worth of [unrelated] maintenance," according to the Daily News. Meanwhile, the big shenanigan story of the weekend is about skateboarder Cindy Whitehead. She spent two hours sneaking onto the 405 with her husband, photographer Ian Logan, and "got two minutes of bliss riding her skateboard on the shut-down freeway Sunday morning." See above for some of Logan's photos of the caper, as well as various other weirdness and wonder from Carmageddon II. The End ... or is it?
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