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Happy Anniversary, Weird Metro Building at Wilshire & La Brea

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Metro's online library points out that yesterday marked 28 years since the transit agency purchased that eye-catching blue building at Wilshire and La Brea as part of their 1980s-era plans for a subway expansion to Fairfax. Of course, the Ross Dress for Less on Third Street exploded in 1985, diverting the subway up Vermont Avenue. But Metro kept the building--built in 1949 as a restaurant and designed by architect Welton Becket (of the LAX Theme Restaurant, Capitol Records Building, etc.)--and turned it into a customer service center for people to buy bus and rail passes and find lost wallets. If one's to judge from renderings for the Purple Line Extension down Wilshire, the little blue building will be no more when the La Brea station opens later this decade or at the beginning of next (depending on whether Measure J passes in November).

· September 28 [Primary Resources]