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Fences Up at South Park Tower Site, Moby Hosts Arch Awards

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SOUTH PARK: Aha, we were just saying how work is scheduled to start this month on the 22-story formerly known as iHope and now here are the temporary fences around the work site (currently a parking lot). The building will have 290 fancy apartments, a pool, groundfloor retail, and six levels of parking (two underground). The tipster who sent in this photo noted that the site "has been poorly kept for years," so years of construction and a big glassy tower oughta put that right. The building's set to open in summer 2014. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: It's Architecture Month, can you hardly stand it? Obviously the AIA/LA is going wild all month with events "that educate the public about architecture and architects, celebrate the profession and encourage the dialogue between those interested in the built environment." Big whoo for encouraging dialogue! Especially exciting are the Design Awards on October 22, which will be hosted by beloved local architecture enthusiast/DJ Moby. [Curbed Inbox]