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With 3 Weeks Left, Everyone Looking For Redevelopment Fixes

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With California's local redevelopment agencies all set to shut down (per court order) by February 1, everyone's rushing to figure out how to deal with the dissolutions and how to keep funding redevelopment action in blighted areas (in LA, the Community Redevelopment Agency is known for its work in Hollywood and the NoHo Arts District). The LA Daily News reports that "Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa plans to fly to Sacramento today in a hastily-planned trip to discuss legislation to protect Los Angeles from lawsuits related to CRA/LA's dissolution. It's expected the city will become the successor agency to CRA/LA - the City Council has until Friday to decide - but in doing so, Los Angeles becomes responsible for lawsuits or financial charges levied against the agency." The city administrative officer will put out a report this week on details of the dissolution--it's still unclear whether the city will have to lay off employees or be able to absorb them. Meanwhile, up in Sacramento, there's legislation in the works to buy a little time by moving the February deadline back to the spring. A working group of legislators is discussing other options for funding redevelopment, including "using bond measures or a portion of property tax increment funds to fund affordable housing efforts."
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