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The 5 Celebs Who Couldn't Sell in 2011

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Last week, Zillow noticed that 2011 closed out with a lot of celebrity house sales. But that got us thinking of the poor, poor celebs who couldn't sell in 2011 (and there were many). Here are five of the worst cases:

The Prince of Darkness and his bride (aka Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne) have been trying to offload this Malibu house since the spring of 2006, according to Trulia. The five bedroom, five bathroom house sits on La Costa Beach and has fireplaces, a dining room, and a third floor terrace with jacuzzi. Originally listed at $14 million, it's now been chopped all the way down to $8.795 million.

Tennis star Pete Sampras originally listed his practically new house in Thousand Oaks way back in March 2010 (it was only built in 2009). The house has seven bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a detached 2,000 square foot gym, and a guesthouse, and sits on 20 acres. It's currently asking $19.95 million.

Ex-Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo may have sold his house, but we still have Mel Gibson for a little schadenfreude. He first listed his Lavender Hill Farm in Malibu in March 2010 for $14.5 million. The six bedroom, four bathroom house sits on more than three acres and comes with a pool and spa, tennis court, detached media room, detached room, three guesthouses, orchards, and "a 2 story entertainment pavilion (complete with built-in BBQ, fireplace and kitchen)." Current asking price is $11.75 million.

The divine Anjelica Huston first listed "The Fortress" (her words) in May 2010 (it hit the MLS in October). The Venice house was designed by her late husband, the sculptor Robert Graham, and listed at $18 million. The listing was allowed to expire on January 1.

Ok, we know we're stretching the limits of the word "celebrity," but Christian Audigier is certainly a person of note--he's responsible for one of the nastiest LA stereotypes, the Ed Hardy-bedecked douchebag (has Jersey taken that one off our hands yet?). The fashion mogul first listed his Hancock Park house, which is actually kind of awesome in a ridiculous, over-the-top way, in October 2010, asking $8.299 million (the price included a Rolls Royce Phantom 5). Since then, the price and the Rolls have both been chopped--current asking is $7.65 million.