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San Pedro Getting Replacement For Sub-Overpass Skate Park

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As of now, San Pedro skaters are practicing their kickflips at an unsanctioned course underneath a 110 Freeway overpass near Channel and Gaffey Streets. According to the Daily Breeze, it's "renowned," but it's also going to have to close (at least temporarily) during a 110 widening project. So Recreation and Parks (with help from the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council and Council District 15) is working on a new facility at Peck Park and unveiled a "final concept" this week. The new park will be 7,600 square feet and feature a "waterfall pool" (a steep-sided bowl, basically), as well as "a recessed area called a death box, ramps, ledges, barriers, banks and a 'ship's cleat'" (we're lost on that one). The park will not be lit and will close at dark. The DB says that "two dozen or more skaters who attended the meeting expressed concerns about the quality of the park, but appeared to like the concept." The project hasn't gone out for bid yet, but is expected to be finished by late 2012 or early 2013.
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