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First Look at Silver Lake's 4100 Bar, Bates Motel Replacements

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A helpful tipster sends these renderings and site plans for two of the potentially gamechanging developments proposed for Silver Lake's Sunset Junction area by developer Frost/Chaddock (an overall project description also arrived in the Curbed inbox). As we reported earlier this week, F/C has filed paperwork to begin the environmental impact review process for mixed-use apartment buildings on three separate sites--that spells the end for the 4100 Bar and the so-called Bates Motel (really the Sunset Pacific). A row of shops on Santa Monica Boulevard, near Sunset, have already been demolished.

According to the project description, site one, at 4000 Sunset (the former site of the shops, between Santa Monica and Sanborn), will include 98 residential units (92 one-bedrooms and six two-bedrooms) on four stories, plus 3,500 square feet of ground floor retail and 3,106 square feet of restaurant space, a courtyard, a roof deck, and a rec room. It'd also have a three-level subterranean garage with 150 parking spaces. The building would include nine affordable units for "very low income" residents, which the developer is offering in exchange for a 35 percent density bonus that would allow it to build larger than it would ordinarily be allowed.

Site two, at 4100 Sunset (the 4100 Bar site between Gateway, Manzanita, and Sunset), proposes another four story building with 91 apartments (including 21 studios, 59 one-bedrooms, and 12 two-bedrooms, with eight very low income units), 1,872 square feet of retail, and 2,581 square feet of restaurant. The commercial space would be located mostly on Manzanita and at the Sunset corner. This one would also have three levels of underground parking, but with 114 spaces. The project would also require a 35 percent density bonus.

Finally, the biggest of the three projects, site three, at 4301 Sunset (the Bates Motel site), proposes 122 residential units (33 studios, 69 one-bedrooms, 20 two-bedrooms), 3,974 square feet of retail, and 991 square feet of restaurant space. The proposal also includes a 4,519 square foot gym/recreational space for the residents. Parking would be on two subterranean levels with 165 spaces. The developers are proposing a 35 percent density bonus for this one too, and plan to include eight very low income affordable units.

The three projects are actually separate, but are going through the environmental review process together since they're so close and share a developer, according to the plans. Matt Dzurec, a land use lawyer working with the developers, tells us that they are trying to design the project to be "by right" (meaning it wouldn't necessitate any exceptions to the zoning), but that it will still have to go through a normal entitlement process. We'd previously heard that the environmental impact report is voluntary (most projects are required to have one), but Dzurec says that's not necessarily the case--the developers just decided to go ahead with the process either way.

According to these renderings, 4301 Sunset is being designed by Killefer Flammang Architects; Kanner Architects is responsible for the other two. Dzurec notes that the designs are not set in stone, and will evolve in response to the comments provided during the draft environmental impact report process.

Dzurec tells us that there should be a notice of preparation for the draft environmental impact report sometime soon--that will provide the first chance for the public to comment on the project.
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Sunset Pacific Motel

4301 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

4100 Bar

1087 Manzanita St, Los Angeles, CA 90029