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Midtown Crossing and the Case of the Disappearing Bike Lane

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Mysterious events surrounding the Venice Boulevard bike lane through Mid-City have been cleared up thanks to the detective work of Streetsblog and Josef Bray-Ali of NELA's Flying Pigeon Bike Shop. Wouldn't you know it, that old firestarter Midtown Crossing, developer CIM Group's big Lowe's-based retail project, is at the center of the case. As Streetsblog reports, sometime during the glorious vacation days surrounding the new year, "the bike lanes vanished on the north side of the road well before the usual terminus at Crenshaw Boulevard." When the surprise street configuration was reported to LADOT, the news was met with confusion. A few days later it was revealed that Midtown Crossing made changes to the street during (still ongoing) construction, but did so while mistakenly referencing diagrams from 2005, which is when the project was originally approved. And in a rare case of all's well that ends well (as long as no one got hurt), CIM Group will pay to return the lane to its original state.
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