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New Town Square at Port of LA Breaks Ground This Month

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Ground is set to break this month on the first big piece of the Port of LA makeover--the Downtown Harbor kicks off with a "water cut," just north of the Maritime Museum, to create the space for "a new town square and promenade on the water," according to GlobeSt. Workers will cut into about 1.2 acres of waterfront land to make a new inlet for boats and the land around the inlet will become a "modern town square, featuring new landscaping, lighting and expansive promenades." There's also some kind of public art planned for the site. The water cut is expected to take about 16 months; the construction of the town square and promenade will start when that's done and take 12 to 18 months. The Port calls the project "a centerpiece of the ongoing revitalization of the LA Waterfront." The Port is also set to get all kinds of other improvements, including a cruise ship terminal and a craft marketplace.

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