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Free Art on the Streets, Blvd6200 Owners Go Big in Hollywood

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JONDO Art Heist - Los Angeles - Yours for the Taking from JONDO on Vimeo.

LOS ANGELES: Photo printing site JONDO hid 26 art canvases in plain site around LA last month, in the hope that people would "steal" them (the hashtag for the endeavor is #artheist). It looks like their own ads are pasted up behind the pieces--clever. A few more of the 40" x 60" canvases just went up, so be on the lookout or follow @PhotoGiclee on Twitter for clues to their whereabouts. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: The 1923 Taft building on the southeast corner of Hollywood and Vine sold last week "for about $28 million," reports The Hollywood Reporter. And why do we care about an entertainment office building? Well, it's pretty cool, has landmark status, and will be rehabbed by the new owners. But also because those new owners are DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners, the New Yorkers who bought mega mixed-use project Blvd6200 last year--the Taft is just about a block from their other new baby, which should be breaking ground pretty soon. [THR]