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Altadenans Fight Eagle Scout Plan to Gate the Haunted Forest

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Those Eagle Scouts, always causing trouble. One young scout would like to put up a gate at Altadena's Cobb Estate, aka the haunted forest, once owned by the Marx Brothers and now the access point to the old Mt. Lowe Railway ruins (LAist has more about the area). As you can imagine, that's not popular with public access advocates and locals--a former Altadena *town councilmember tells the Pasadena Star-News that "we're basically being locked out of our own forest." An Altadena Patch story from last month says that one gate would block entrance to the Cobb Estate and that one mockup also "shows fencing intended to block people from hiking up an area bull-dozed by firefighters during the Station Fire, an area that the Forest Service does not want hikers using so it can re-vegetate." A Forest Service spokesperson says the Eagle Scout project is just a fix and "would simply repair a 10-foot section of an existing gate on the west side and a damaged 20-foot section of wrought-iron fence already there." She adds that the gate would not lock.
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