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Complaint Filed Over Sunset Junction's Big New Concrete Wall

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In Sunset Junction, where locals are still confused about the near-surprise demolition of a block of businesses a few months back, a six foot tall wall has just been constructed on one of the busiest sidewalks in the city. The concrete blocks, eating up a chunk of sidewalk at Sunset and Sanborn, are part of an addition to Cafe Stella--owner Gareth Kantner says he got the proper permits and neighborhood council approval for the wall, which will have dark blue stucco, a wooden door, and bougainvillaea added to it, according to Eastsider LA. But a rep for City Councilmember Eric Garcetti's office tells Curbed that, "A complaint was filed regarding the wall on January 27, so the Department of Building and Safety is investigating the situation."

Many locals, including one mystery person who tagged the wall recently (see photo), are obviously annoyed--commenters at Eastsider call the wall "intrusive" and "ugly." Kantner, who owns the whole red Sunset Junction complex, tells the blog that the wall will shield passing children from the sight of alcohol and give drinkers privacy.
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