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Compton's New Transit Center Opens By Sold Out Townhouses

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Compton may be going broke, but at least it's taking public transportation there--last week the city and Metro opened the new Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center downtown. It's "a 10,000 square foot building that will house the Regional Bus Transit System, Dial-A-Ride Service, Dial-A-Taxi Service, Park and Ride, and Bus Layover Facilities," according to Compton's website, plus office and retail space, a landscaped plaza, and a 12 foot tall "COMPTON" sign. The center sits next to the a Blue Line station and down the street from the four year old Willow Walk townhouses, which are now sold out, according to the project website. The two and three bedrooms started in the mid-$200,000s.
· Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center opens in Compton [The Source]
· Willow Walk [Official Site]

Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center

275 N. Willowbrook Ave., Compton, CA